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Advanced pallet storage solution
for up to 8 machines and 99 pallets



  • Handling of workpieces up to ø 3,400 mm × 2,000 mm in length, 10,000 kg
  • Very flexible, pallet pool system with up to 8 machines, 99 pallets and 5 setup stations
  • Handling of up to three different pallet sizes possible in one system (2 sizes for machine pallets and one size for material pallets)
  • Control directly via DMG MORI master computer software LPS
  • Integration into customer network / workflow possible
  • Monitoring and management tools for all relevant areas (planning, workpieces, clamping, tools, etc.)
  • Tool management system MCC-TMS


LPP Detail

Very flexible pallet pool system with up to 8 machines, 99 pallets and 5 setup stations

LPP Detail

Control directly via DMG MORI master computer software LPS

Comparison LPP vs. PH-AGV

Cycle Time > 1 min per pallet > 10 min per pallet
Capacity 1,000 / 2,000 / 4,000 / 6,000 / 8,000 / 13,000 and 15,000 kg available 950 / 5,000 kg
additional solutions in preparation
Pallet sizes 1× pallet sizes in the system
2 or 3 on request
1× pallet size per AGV
Retrofit* / Extension Extendable up to 10 machines and 99 pallet places Easy to upgrade with additional machines or extended pallet positions
Layout Fixed & compact installation
everything in a closed system
Flexible layout design
pallet storage and machines can be located at different positions
Accessibility Connected machines can only be loaded into the working area directly No limitation – manual loading possible without restriction
Reliability >99%
system availability (VDI2710)
97.5 %
system availability (VDI2710)
Pricing Comparable price for system with same amount of pallets and one PH- AGV

*Possibilty of retrofit depends on machine preparation, e.g. automation interface


Applicable Machines

Possibility of retrofit depends on machine preparation, e. g. automation interface

Customer Voices

Customer voices

DMG MORI is oriented towards the newest technology, and with that we can achieve something that no one else in the industry can.

Darko Simunic, President and Founder
Darko Precision, Inc.

Customer voices

We are constantly looking for innovative solutions to optimize our processes and open up new markets. With DMG MORI we have found the ideal partner for this.

Vince Ciccone, President and CEO
Top Grade Molds

Customer Voices
Customer Voices

Customer voices

Automated manufacturing solutions from DMG MORI enable sustainable production.

Tanja Siebert, Managing Director
Nico Siebert, Production Manager
Burghardt Zerspanungs GmbH & Co. KG

Customer voices

Against the backdrop of increasing digitalization and automation, there are almost no limits to future technical advances.

Zhu Min (right), Production Manager

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Customer Voices

Presentation on the PRE EMO SHOW 2021

Linear pallet pool systems (LPP) are an ideal solution to automate the flexible production of a high variety of parts, for example on machining centers of the NHX or DMC H series. The LPP can be expanded to up to 100 pallets and eight machines as well as five setup stations – even at a later point of time to increase capacity as orders grow. In addition, a central tool magazine can be integrated for even more productivity.

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