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High flexible and collaborative automation
for workpieces up to 5 kg

Koji Tanaka
MATRIS Light is a highly flexible and collaborative workpiece handling for small workpieces up to 5 kg.

Koji Tanaka
Group Manager
System Mechanism Design Department



  • Freely movable workpiece handling, incl. robot and storage area on a trolley
    • Workpieces up to 5 kg, or 2 × 2 kg with double gripper
    • No infrastructure changes
    • No safety fence necessary
    • 600 × 900 mm footprint
  • Collaborative robots, setup time <5 minutes
    • Direct teaching without robot knowledge
    • Easy connection via Ethernet
  • Expansion (option)
    • Storage for up to 108 workpieces (2-position storage for max. 36 workpieces as standard)
    • Blow-off device
    • Measuring system and quality check


MATRIS Light Detail

Highly flexible & collaborative automation for workpieces up to 5 kg

MATRIS Light Detail

Collaborative robots, setup time < 5 minutes. Direct teaching without robot knowledge and easy connection via Ethernet


Applicable Machines

Possibility of retrofit depends on machine preparation, e. g. automation interface

Presentation on Open House Pfronten 2022

Production with variable mix and volume requires highly flexible automation solutions. With MATRIS Light, DMG MORI now presents a very space-saving and collaborative automation system for workpieces weighing up to 5 kg, which can be connected to various machine tools within five minutes.

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