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PH Cell 2000


PH Cell

Modular rotary pallet storage for up to 21 pallets
and 2,000 kg transfer weight

Andreas Lang
The fast twin fork technology with changeover times of less than 45 seconds loads directly into the work area – this means that the rotary pallet changer can be omitted from the machine.

Andreas Lang
Head of Product Management

PH Cell 2000


  • Modular rotary pallet storage for up to 21 pallets in a footprint of 16.5 m2
    • 2,000 kg max. transfer weight
    • Pallet size 500 × 500 mm up to ø 1,100 mm
  • Fast pallet changeover time < 45 seconds
  • Can be retrofitted with machine preparation
  • Short commissioning time within 3 days due to defined interface and modular principle
  • Pallet Master – for convenient and simple control of the automation directly via the machine control


PH Cell 2000 Detail

Handling device
for pallets from 500 ×  500 mm to ø 1,100 mm. Fast pallet change time < 45 seconds.

PH Cell 2000 Detail

Shelf storage
for max. 21 pallets on 4 levels in the overall system. 2,000 kg max. transfer weight.

PH Cell 2000 Detail

Rotary setup station as standard
High precision mill-turn (FD) station and optional clamping hydraulics optionally.


Applicable Machines

Possibility of retrofit depends on machine preparation, e. g. automation interface


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