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Machine-integrated automation with minimum space requirement



  • Unmanned shifts due to circular storage system with up to 21 pallets
  • Handling of workpieces
    • monoBLOCK: up to ø 800 × 600 mm, 800 kg max. (3 / 6 pallets)
    • NHX: up to ø 800 × 1,000 mm, 700 kg max. (5 / 14 / 21 pallets)
    • duoBLOCK: up to ø 1,600 × 1,350 mm, 4,000 kg max. (6 / 7 / 12 pallets)
    • Portal: up to ø 3,400 × 1,650 mm, 10,000 kg max. (4 / 5 pallets)
  • Reduction of non-productive time due to loading and unloading during production
  • Easy operation via machine control with intuitive, integrated Pallet Manager software
  • Pallet Master – for convenient and simple control of the automation directly via the machine control


RPS + DMU 340 P

Workpieces up to ø 3,400 × 1,650 mm, 10,000 kg max.

RPS Detail

Unmanned shifts due to circular storage system with up to 21 pallets.


Applicable Machines

Customer Voices

Customer voices

Our goal is, of course, to make production as autonomous as possible – particularly in unmanned night and weekend shifts. The large number of pallets offers sufficient scope to have both individual parts and smaller series manufactured flexibly, autonomously and to the required quality.

Wolfgang Hack, Managing Director
HACK Formenbau GmbH

Customer voices

We receive from DMG MORI the same commitment to innovation and customer orientation that we demand of ourselves. A good example is the production system with four NHX 5000s and a 78-station pallet magazine.

Patrik Caluori, Vice President, Manufacturing and Logistics
at Hamilton Bonaduz AG

Customer Voices
Customer Voices

Customer voices

All from a single source. Fortunately, DMG MORI has a full line-up of automation systems in addition to a comprehensive machine programme. This enables us to serve our wide range of industries.

Torsten Hahn, Authorized representative
SPECK Pumpen Walter Speck GmbH & Co. KG

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