Why Automation
Why Automation

Better parts

More efficient
use of skilled

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Why automation?

Easy to use: Automation is not Rocket Science

Especially our machine-specific and standard solutions. Automation is really easy to use, often through the machine control. This lets you produce high volumes of the same part or even 1 piece manufacturing.

Your benefit!

Single source supplier: One contact to meet all of your needs

Together we will find the perfect solution for you. We can offer you a machine including automation, or automation for your existing machine. Our service includes programming, tooling and workholding through our certified DMQP partners (DMG MORI Qualified Products), as well as training and maintenance.

User friendly – Harmonized and integrated user interfaces which perfectly match the control of the machines, including software to control e. g. MATRIS or Robo2Go without any robot programming skills.

Why automation?

Proven technology: You are already using automation

Think about tool changing. Is this already done automatically, or are you or your employees exchanging tools manually? So why not let the NC program let your machine change parts automatically as well?

Your benefit!

Compatibility & process integration

All of our solutions are fully optimized and have already been tested in our plants to perfectly match your machining needs. Besides our standard solutions with standardized modules (e. g. measuring, marking, deburring), we are also able to provide you with customized, fully-integrated solutions.

Why automation?

Night shifts: Let the machine work during the night …

… but not you or your employees – you and your employees need sleep, unlike your machine.

Your benefit!

Messenger, NETservice & Remote Service

DMG MORI Connect offers you everything to make your machines ready for the digital future e.g. reduced downtimes due to automatic notification in the case of unplanned stoppages, or faster troubleshooting with NETservice – over 60 % of all problems can be solved remotely.

Why automation?

Become more competitive: Reduce the cost per part

You only earn money when your machine is running. Automation can extend operating time by one or more unmanned shifts, up to 24/7 production.

Your benefit!

Workpiece & Process Optimization

Besides supplying the machine and automation, our application engineers support you further by optimizing the NC programs or by finding the perfect workholding and tooling solutions from our DMQP (DMG MORI Qualified Products) partners.

Why automation?

Flexibility: No mass production – No problem

Most automation solutions are a perfect fit for small batches, which meets the needs of many of our customers.

Your benefit!

Solutions for everyone & every machine

Nearly all of our machines can be automated, with a solution which fits your needs: from standard pallet or workpiece handling to highly flexible and complex systems.

Why automation?

Sustainability: Often 1 automated system can replace 3 stand-alone machines.

A sustainable machine is a working machine. A machine that only works for a few hours per week is a waste of resources and profit-making potential. An automated machine is also a good use of floor space and energy resources, minimizing CO2 emissions.

High energy costs: This is the perfect time to embrace automation. Save 30 – 80 % on power consumption per part machined.

Your benefit!

GREEN MACHINE: 100 % climate-neutral machine manufacturing

  1. Neutral product carbon footprint upstream*
  2. Neutral company carbon footprint
  3. Machines up to >99 % recyclable
  4. Up to 30 % energy savings compared to previous machine models, e. g. through regenerative braking

* with the triad of “Avoid. Reduce. Compensate.”

Cornelius Nöß
DMG MORI always thinks one step ahead – collaborative and autonomous handling of workpieces, pallets and tools with our AGV solutions.

Cornelius Nöß,
Managing Director

Ralf Riedemann
DMG MORI supplies automation and turnkey solutions from a single source for every machine. Contact us; we will take care of your production needs.

Ralf Riedemann,
Executive Officer Engineering and Application for Global DMG MORI Sales & Service
DMG MORI Management GmbH

Harry Junger
Technology expertise, machine and automation from a single source. Make your production future-proof with DMG MORI.

Harry Junger,
Managing Director
GILDEMEISTER Drehmaschinen GmbH



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